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Product Description:

Cat Grass Soilless Water Planting

⚡️Specification: Normal Series

– Product Material: PP Plastic

– Color: Blue / Yellow / Green

– Product Size: 21cm x 9.2cm x 4.5cm

– Applicable object: Cats and kitten.

How to use:

1. Screen the 1- 2 packs of seeds on basin, and soak them in water for 6-8 hours.

2. Spread the soaked seeds evenly on the planting tray, do not repeat the stacking.

3. Add water to the basin and put the planting tray on it.

4. Spray the seeds wet for 2 days.

5. After the root germ has grown out, start adding water to the bottom tray.

6. Wait for the plants to mature.

Easy to Use

These wheatgrass seeds planting trays are easy to use and are ideal for beginners, and even children can easily cultivate them; They can also be applied to grow many types of small seeds such as beans, peas, green beans, wheat grass seeds, herbs, radishes, etc.; If you have a cute cat, you can also use them to grow cat grass.


Blue, Yellow, Green


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