Premium Quality Large Space 2 Ways Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet Cat Litter Tray


Product Description:


Product: Pet Litter Box Foldable with Drawer (Large Capacity)

Weight: 2.5kg

Material: Environmental PP

Colour: Grey, Green, Pink

Size: Unfold – 35cm L x50cm W x 38cm H


✅Premium Quality 👑 Creative Design !!

✅2 Ways cat litter box

~ Kitty “ENTERs from Bottom gap , then EXITs from Top hole) = NO MORE SPILLED SANDS !!

✅Convenient – Cover flip over design

~ Easy to replace cat litter & do cleaning & washing

✅Very Spacious

~ L size : 35cm L x50cm W x 38cm H

✅Enclosed cat litter box

~ Enclosed structure protects cat’s privacy (security + stress free)

~ Reduces bad odor emission in the house and keep the air fresh.

✅Suitable for most of cat litter (bean curd litter, bentonite, crystal cat litter, zeolite cat litter, paper sand, etc)

✅Matt surface finishing (quality touch) + High tenacity material basin

✅Anti sand splash design

~ Pedal on top is sand-proof, specially designed to filter cat litter from being splash

✅Large size and Foldable

✅Easy to carry and store

🔴Easy installation in 5 steps

Snap-in splicing, snap-fit, foldable and portable

1. Open the top cover and take out the main body inside

2. Unfold the main body (note that the door hole and the base frame are on the same elevation)

3. Insert the segmented buckle of the main body into the base card slot

4. Install the transparent curtain from the inside, snap into the hole

Wrong demonstration: Install a transparent curtain from the outside, the door stop will block the outside, and the cat will not be able to enter

5. Align the top card slot with the main body buckle, press it to make the top part and the main body seam. Finished



1️⃣ Foldable Litter Box (with Scoop) x 1

Dimensions N/A

Grey, Yellow, Blue


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